ET-L4+2 electric golf cart for sale
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Experience the future of automotive lighting with our ground-breaking NEW SERIES-ET and its advanced LED front combination lights. These cutting-edge lights surpass traditional halogen bulbs in brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity. Offering multiple functionalities such as low beam, high beam, turn signal, daytime running light, and position light, our LED headlights ensure a powerful and uniform beam of light, providing maximum visibility even in the darkest of nights. Say hello to enhanced safety and a more pleasurable driving experience as you bid farewell to dim and inconsistent lighting.

ET off road vehicle adult all-terrain ATV cart 6 seats golf cart

ET off road vehicle adult all-terrain ATV cart 6 seats golf cart

golf cart dashboard

Parameter section


Size Overall 3695*1340*2130mm
Bare Cart (without battery) Net Weight ≦585kg
Rated Passenger 6 Passengers
Wheel Dis Front/Rear Front1005mm/Rear1075mm
Front and Rear Wheelbase 2436mm
Min Ground Clearance 170mm
Min Turning Radius 3.5m
Max Speed ≦25MPH
Climbing Ability/Hill-Holding Ability 20% — 45%
Safe Climbing Gradient 20%
Safe Parking Slope Gradient 20%
Endurance 60-80mile(Normal road)
Braking Distance <3.5m

Confortable Performance

  • IP66 advanced multimedia instrument, colourful auto-colour change buttons, Bluetooth function, with vehicle detection function
  • BOSS Original IP66 Full Range Hi-Fi Speaker H065B (Voice-activated Lighting)
  • USB+Type-c fast charging、USB+AUX audio input
  • First class seat (integral foam moulded seat cushion + solid colour premium microfibre leather)
  • High-strength aluminium alloy oxidised non-slip flooring, corrosion and ageing resistant
  • High-strength aluminium alloy wheels + DOT approved high-performance road tyres
  • DOT certified anti-aging premium folding plexiglass; wide-angle centre mirror
  • Premium car steering wheel + aluminium alloy base
  • Advanced Automotive Painting Process

Electrical System

Electrical System



KDS 72V5KW AC motor


72V150AH Lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4), CAN communication function and self-heating function


Intelligent Cart Charger 72V17AH,Charging time≦9 hours


72V/350A With CAN communication


High Power Non-Isolated DC-DC 72V/12V-300W


  • Cushion: leather can be colour-coded, embossed (stripes, diamond), logo silkscreen/embroidery
  • Wheels: black, blue, red, gold
  • Tyres: 10" & 14" road tyres
  • Sound bar: 4&6 channels with voice-activated ambient light hi-fi sound bar (host with Bluetooth function)
  • Colour light: chassis & roof can be installed, seven-colour light strip + voice control + remote control
  • Others: body & front LOGO; body colour; instrument on LOGO animation; hubcap, steering wheel, key can be customized LOGO (from 100 cars)
Suspension and brake system

Suspension and brake system


  • Frame: high-strength sheet metal frame; painting process: pickling + electrophoresis + spraying
  • Front suspension: double swing arm independent front suspension + coil springs + cartridge hydraulic dampers.
  • Rear suspension: Integral rear axle, 16:1 ratio Coil spring dampers + hydraulic cartridge dampers + wishbone suspension
  • Brake system: 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, 4-wheel disc brakes + electromagnetic brakes for parking (with vehicle towing function)
  • Steering system: bidirectional rack and pinion steering system, automatic backlash compensation function



  • Immerse yourself in the luxury of our aluminum alloy floor, designed with utmost care for maximum strength, endurance, and longevity. Crafted from high-quality aluminum material and featuring a robust structure, it withstands the challenges of high-traffic environments while retaining its stunning appearance. With its corrosion and aging resistance, you can enjoy the beauty of this flooring investment for years to come, without worrying about its deterioration or maintenance.
Aluminium alloy golf cart floor



  • Our professionally designed cushion is your solution to prevent any shifting during your drive, ensuring a safe and stable experience. Crafted from a blend of integral foam molded seat cushion and premium microfiber leather in a solid color, our cart seat material offers a precise fit that closely follows the curves of your body. Experience unmatched comfort and support, thanks to our upgraded color separation achieved through silk-screening techniques.



  • When it comes to safe driving, nothing should be compromised, including precise tire control and stable braking. That's why we proudly offer our golf buggy with DOT certified all-terrain tires in the size of 23*10.5-12(4 Ply Rated), accompanied by high-quality golf cart rims and tires. With our tires, you can expect excellent traction and cushioning, providing the confidence you need for a safe and comfortable drive.
DOT certification; all terrain 23*10.5-12(4 Ply Rated) tire, high quality golf cart rims and tyre, Precise tire control and stable braking are the key to safe driving. Our tyres offer excellent traction and cushioning to ensure confidence in every drive.


Qualification certificate and battery inspection report

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