ES-C4+2 -s


Chassis Welding

Before welding, the vehicle chassis needs to be thoroughly cleaned and de-rusted to ensure the quality and effect of welding.

Chassis Assembly

Included  Direction system installation, front suspension installation, Rear suspension installation, brake system installation,battery storage installation.

Wiring Harness and Electrical Assembly

Mainwork is lay the wiring harness, the front electrical installation, rear electrical installation, Battery installation.

Exterior Assembly

Included front cover + instrument panel, Seat cushion + seat cushion chassis + armrest;  backrest + backrest cover, Ceiling + reinforcing rod, backseat and rear pedal assembly installation.

Cart Inspection

Focus on Brake debugging, front beam debugging,  lighting and electrical debugging, controller program debugging, Refill accessories, others: vehicle identification, vehicle sticker - vehicle nameplate - safety signs and other installation.

General Inspection and Test Drive

Use professional testing equipment and tools for testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results and ensure the normal operation and use of the vehicle.

Cart Cleaning

Vehicle cleaning includes the cleaning of the exterior and interior of the body, regular vehicle cleaning can keep the appearance of the vehicle clean and extend the service life.


Different models and modes of transport require different packaging materials and methods to prevent damage or contamination to the vehicle.


Vehicle loading requires specialized technology and experience to ensure that the vehicle is adequately protected during transportation.