48v Maintenance-free lead-acid battery
48v134ah Lithium Battery

48v134ah Lithium Battery

Parameter section


  • Do not disassemble, resemble, or repair the battery. Incorrect reassembly may cause combustion or electric = shock.
  • If the battery is damaged, contact the place you purchased it.
  • Do not short--circuit the battery, use it near heat or water sources, or allow it to become wet.
  • Do not insert nails or other objects into the battery, strike it, or weld directly on the battery.
  • Do not use a badly damaged battery or operate it with damaged cables or charging adapters.
  • Do not operate this product in explosive atmospheres (i.e. flammable liquids, gases, or dust) or set the unit on flammable materials (i.e. carpeting, upholstery,paper, cardboard).
  • Do not permit the battery to freeze. Never charge a frozen battery.
  • In case of skin or eye contact, rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical attention.
  • Do not keep using this product if it is damaged, waterlogged, distorted, or broke.
  • This product contains lithium ion batteries. When it is worn out dispose it properly using local laws and regulations.

Introduction to Charger

  • The Borcart Golf Cart Charger is a superior charging solution that prioritizes safety and convenience. We use high-performance American KDS motors and American Curtis controllers or controllers of equal quality to Curtis to ensure reliable quality. In addition, our electric golf cart chargers are equipped with multiple protection measures, including over voltage, under voltage, overheating, over current, slow start and other protection measures. With these comprehensive protection measures, you can trust that the charging process will be safe and stable for vehicle.
  • One of Borcart golf cart lithium battery is 48V134ah lithium battery, this style is the most hot selling. It is a use of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as a positive electrode material.
  • This battery with CAN communication and Lithium battery -BMS management system, faster charging efficiency, longer service life, low self-discharge, do less than 1% month, high energy density, the same volume of lithium battery capacity is higher, light weight than lead-acid battery, light weight, is 1/6-1/5 of lead-acid battery, high and low temperature adaptability, can be used in -20℃-70℃ environment, Green environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, regardless of production, use, scrap will not contain heavy metals, 5000 times charge and discharge cycle life, there is still 75% capacity after the end of cycle life.

Capacity(25℃, 77ºF)

Model PG22025B
Technical Paramete Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 134Ah
Stored energy 6860.8Wh
Life cycles >3500 times
Self discharge Max 3% per month
Charge current Maximum charge 67A
Charging time Standard charge 25A
Standard charge 5.5 h
Discharge current Continuous discharge 134A
Maximum discharge 300A
Over Current Detection 480A with 5S
Environment Charge temperature range  32°F~140°F ( 0°C ~ 60°C)
Discharge temperature range -4°F~167°F ( -20°C ~ 75°C)
Storage temperature range -4°F~113°F ( 1 month ) ( -20°C~45°C)32°F~95°F ( 1 year ) ( 0°C~35°C)
General Cell combination 2P16S
Cell assembly IFP67 (3.2V 67Ah)
Casing material Q235 steel plate
Weight 163.1 lbs (74kg)
Dimension (L*W*H) 780*370*285cm
IP rate IP66


Qualification certificate and battery inspection report

  • 48V batteyr (1)
  • 48V batteyr (2)
  • 48V batteyr (3)



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