sound bar custom golf cart CY-PB18


Marine-grade  speakers  in  IP66  Patent  Pending  enclosure  providing  waterproof  and   dustproof  audio.

waterproof speaker golf cart sound bar

waterproof speaker golf cart sound bar



  • Product size:L18"xW4.5"x H4.5"
  • Bluetooth version:BT5.3
  • RMS:50Wx2+15Wx2
  • Speaker:Subwoofer 4"x2pcs,Midrange drivers 2.75x 2pcs,Tweeters 1.5"x 1pc
  • Function:BT/IP66/USB/AUX/ACC/LED/Broadcast Calling
  • Product Dimensions:Length:18"Width.4s Beight 45
  • Marine-grade speakers in IP66 Patent Pending enclosure providing waterproof and dustproof audio.
  • 300 watts of peak power output.
  • 5 marine grade speakers:1 tweeters,2 mid-range,and 2 side-mounted woofers.
  • Bluetooth 5.3 for long-range wireless connection to a smartphone.(Up to 100 ft /30m)
  • broadcast allows up to 100 soundbars to be connected together or connect to any speaker with the broadcast feature.
  • Supported FM Radio
  • Built-in microphone for speakerphone calls.
  • Waterproof Aux In connector to play audio from a wired device.
  • Waterproof Aux out connector to daisy chain to other optional wired speakers.
  • Waterproof 5V =1A USB charging port to give a boost to your phone or other devices and Play USB Stick Music. USB
  • Multi-color LED backlights on 4 speakers:Chose from Default gradient (sync to music),red,blue,green,purple, yellow,white
  • Rear Facing red/white LED light bar can be turned on separately from the speaker LEDs.
  • AUX(switched)power.Output 12V power to other devices through the ACC switch
  • Waterproof 12V auxiliary power out connection cables to connect to your vehicle's battery.
  • Mounting brackets and integrated threaded mounting holes allow for multiple mounting configurations.
  • Long-range RF remote control,controls lights and audio functions.
  • Input Voltage:DC12V 10A(requires connection to external DC battery for power)


Qualification certificate and battery inspection report

  • sound bar Certificate_00
  • DSS-TC331696(1)_00



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